How Do I Enter A Car Radio Code

Numerous car stereo companies make stereos for cars that can be used to prevent theft. They require a specific code. To disable the stereo, you must first remove it from your vehicle. These codes can be found attached by serial numbers to the unit. A car battery can be disconnected and cause the stereo to … Read more

How To Enter A Code For A Grundig 200 Car Radio

As with many factory-installed radios, the Grundig 200 model radio, common to many European cars, has a built-in antitheft code. When you remove the radio or disconnect the battery from the vehicle, the antitheft code kicks in and prevents you from operating the radio until you have entered the code. Your vehicle’s documentation should have … Read more

Hyundai Getz Radio Installation

Hyundai Getz hatchback cars have been produced by Korean automobile company Hyundai since 1992. You will find a stereo and an AM/FM radio receiver as well as a CD-player. You can upgrade your car’s stereo with a variety of aftermarket radios. You can install an aftermarket radio in your Hyundai Getz. All you have to … Read more

How Do I Program The Radio In A Mercedes

Most car radios allow you to save your favourite radio stations and retrieve them with a press of a single button. You can program as many as 10 radio presets on your Mercedes radio. Once saved, you can access the programmed radio stations by pressing the associated preset button. Programming radio stations is a simple … Read more

How To Insert The Code In A Nissan Radio

Many radios found in Nissan cars can be programmed and used with codes. The codes are available at most Nissan dealerships and can be entered directly from the driver’s seat. You can set codes as many times as you need and have full control over your device. Codes are required to programme and use many … Read more