How Do I Decode A Honda Atv Vin Number

Honda ATVs have a Vehicle Identification Number that can be used to trace the ATV back to the manufacturer and even to the exact point the ATV came off the production line. Other information contained in the VIN is the year of manufacture, make and engine style, and a check digit in the middle of … Read more

How To Change A Honda Jazz Fuel Filter

The fuel filter protects your engine by filtering out any contaminants that get trapped in the fuel tank. Before fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber, it passes through the filter. Eventually, though, the fuel filter becomes dirty (clogged) and must be replaced. If you don’t replace it, you can experienced decreased performance and gas … Read more

How To Reset A Honda Navigation System

Some Honda vehicles are equipped with navigation systems that use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to detect their current locations. The system provides directions to navigate to other locations. However, the system may lose track of its current location and provide inaccurate information. If this happens, the system should be reset so it can calibrate … Read more

How To Make Honda Vision Mopeds Go Faster

Mechanical modifications to your Honda Vision moped’s intake and variator can speed up the process. Your engine’s airflow is restricted by the plastic intake cover. The variator system also has a speed-restricting device that blocks power transfer between your engine and the drive belt. The speed-restricting washing and plastic intake can be removed to make … Read more

How To Reset The Governor On A Honda Gx160

Honda GX 160 has a horizontal-shaft motor that produces 4.8 horsepower. This engine features an overhead valve, cast iron sleeve, electronic ignition and electronic fuel pump. The Honda GX 160 uses a mechanical governor to reduce engine rpm. This is designed to ensure consistent engine performance and engine longevity. An improper adjustment to the engine’s … Read more