How To Change The Alternator In A Ford Ka

One of the best-selling city cars in the world, the Ford Ka has been in production since 1996. A small, compact vehicle that features nimble handling for cornering around tight spaces in city environments where the streets are too narrow for larger cars, the Ka has a number of components in common with other vehicles, … Read more

How To Change A Honda Jazz Fuel Filter

The fuel filter protects your engine by filtering out any contaminants that get trapped in the fuel tank. Before fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber, it passes through the filter. Eventually, though, the fuel filter becomes dirty (clogged) and must be replaced. If you don’t replace it, you can experienced decreased performance and gas … Read more

How To Change A Fan Belt On A Toyota Avensis

The fan belt on a Toyota Avensis is actually part of the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is a long belt that connects multiple vehicle components together. As the belt ages, it will begin to crack and deteriorate. The belt will “glaze” over or show other signs of deterioration, like worn or missing teeth. When … Read more

How To Change Automatic Transmission Fluid In A Ford Focus

According to Ford maintenance guidelines, you should change the automatic transmission fluid in your Focus every 48,280 km (30,000 miles) if it is used under normal operating conditions. If you do a lot of towing with your Focus, it is recommended that you change the automatic transmission fluid every 24,140 km (15,000 miles). 1 Drain … Read more

How To Change Ignition Timing For A Tr6

The timing of an ignition on a Triumph TR6 must be set correctly to ensure proper engine operation. Timing is important for the proper operation of the engine. Performance will be affected if it’s not right. The timing of the 2.5-litre straight-6 TR6 engine, which is different from other cars can be changed by using … Read more

How To Change A Lock Box Combination

If you have ever lost your keys, have children who have lost them or have housekeeping or maintenance professionals that need to come into your home, but you don’t want them to keep a key, perhaps you should look into having a lockbox to store keys for such emergencies. They are easy to install and … Read more