How To Unlock The Radio Security Code On A Nissan Micra

A number of Nissan Micra models are fitted with an anti-theft system that is linked to the radio. The anti-theft system locks your radio if it is removed from the vehicle or disconnected from its electrical supply. Once the security code has been entered, the radio cannot be used again. When the car was first purchased, it came with this code. Contact a Nissan dealer if you do not have the code.

  • Numerous models of Nissan Micra come equipped with an Anti-Theft System that connects to the radio factory-installed.
  • Once the security code has been entered, radio cannot be used again.

Without starting the engine, turn the ignition key on.

Turn the radio on by pressing the power button.

The radio preset buttons allow you to input the four-digit code.

To submit your code, press the volume-up key. If accepted, the display will show “CODE OK”. Radio is now ready for use.

You must allow the radio to turn on for 10 minutes before entering the wrong code again.