Easily Move Emails From One Gmail Account To Another

Easily Circulate Emails from one Gmail Account to another: Gmail is one of the ultimate emailing systems with all the functions that Google has to offer with it. Yet what happens when you’re making a brand new Gmail account and desire to discard the older one? If you have significant emails in your ancient account, and wish to maintain all of these emails? Gmail provides you with this selection too, because, honestly, handling two one-of-a-kind Gmail money owed can get really troublesome. So, with Gmail, you could flow all of your emails out of your ancient Gmail account for your new Gmail account if you wish to. Listed below are the stairs which you would like to follow:


In order to go Emails from one Gmail Account to another, you’ll have to enable access to retrieve emails from your historic account. For this, you will need to enable POP in your historic account. Gmail would require POP to retrieve emails from your historic account and circulate them to the new one. Comply with the given steps to allow POP (Post Office Protocol):

1.Go to gmail.com and login on your old Gmail account.

2.Click on the gear icon at the excellent right nook of the web page and choose Settings from the list.

3.Now click on on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab.

4.In the ‘POP download’ block, select the ‘Enable POP for all mail’ radio button. Alternatively, a good way to pass over each of the historic emails that you already have on your old account and transfer any new emails that you be given now on, select ‘Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on’.

5.‘When messages are accessed with POP’ drop-down menu will supply you right here strategies to decide what happens to the emails in old account after the transfer:

  • ‘keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox’ leaves the original emails untouched on your old account.
  • ‘mark Gmail’s reproduction as read’ maintains your common emails whilst marking them as read.
  • ‘archive Gmail’s copy’ records the unique emails on your old account.
  • ‘delete Gmail’s copy’ will delete each of the emails from historic account.

6.Select the required alternative and click on on ‘Save changes’.

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Easily Circulate Emails from one Gmail Account to another

Once you’ve all of your ancient emails, you wish to head them to the hot account. For this, you will need to login for your new account.

1.Logout from your ancient account and login to your new account.

2.Click on the gear icon on the exact right nook of the page and choose Settings.

3.Click at the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab.

4.In the ‘Check emails from different account’ block, click on ‘Add an electronic mail account’.

5.On the recent window, variety your old Gmail address and click on on ‘Next’.

6.Select ‘Import emails from my other account (POP3)’ and click on ‘Next’.

7.After verifying your ancient address, type your old account password.

8.Select ‘pop.gmail.com’ from ‘POP server’ drop-down and select ‘Port’ as 995.

9.Make sure that ‘Leave a duplicate of retrieved messages on the server’ is now not checked and determine ‘Always use a safe connection (SSL) whilst retrieving mail’.

10.Decide the label of the imported emails and select in an effort to import them in your inbox or archive them to preclude the mess.

11.Finally, click on on ‘Add Account’.

12.It is possible that the server denies entry at this step. This could occur within the following two cases, if your ancient account does not allow entry to less safe apps or when you’ve got two-step verification enabled. To allow less secure apps to access your account,

  • Go on your Google account.
  • Click on security tab from the left pane.
  • Scroll all the way down to ‘Less safe app access’ and turn it on.

13.You will be asked a good way to reply to the transferred emails as your ancient electronic mail tackle or your new email tackle itself. Choose consequently and click on ‘Next’.

14.If you choose ‘Yes’, you will need to hooked up the alias email details. Once you hooked up an alias email, you may select which address to send from (your present tackle or the alias address). Recipients see that the mail got here from whichever address you choose. Maintain doing the following steps for this.

15.Enter the necessary info and choose ‘Treat as alias’.

16.Click on ‘Send Verification’. Now, you’ll have to input the verification code within the prompt. An e-mail with verification code will be despatched on your ancient Gmail account.

17.Now, leave this immediate as it is and login for your ancient Gmail account within the Incognito Window. Open the verification electronic mail acquired and duplicate the verification code.

18.Now, paste this code within the previous prompt and verify.

19.Your Gmail account would be recognized.

20.All your emails will be transferred.

That’s it you’ve efficaciously learned How to Move Emails from one Gmail Account to another, but if in destiny you desire to prevent transferring emails then you wish to follow the below steps.


Once you have imported all the necessary emails, and you want to stop uploading from now on emails out of your ancient account, you’ll have to get rid of your ancient account from your new account. Comply with the given steps to stop transferring to any extent further emails.

1.In your new Gmail account, click on on the apparatus icon at the exact correct nook and select Settings.

2.Click at the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab.

3.In ‘Check emails from different account’ block, search for your historic Gmail account and click on the ‘delete’ then click on Ok.

4.Your ancient Gmail account would be removed.

You have now efficaciously migrated from your ancient Gmail account, without having to stress about any lost emails.