How Do I Enter A Car Radio Code

Numerous car stereo companies make stereos for cars that can be used to prevent theft. They require a specific code. To disable the stereo, you must first remove it from your vehicle. These codes can be found attached by serial numbers to the unit. A car battery can be disconnected and cause the stereo to lock. This requires that the code is entered to allow the use of the unit.

Retrieve your car radio code. When you bought your vehicle, your code was sent to your email address. Refer to your owner’s manual. You can contact the manufacturer of your vehicle to get your serial number. The code should then be available to you.

  • Car stereo manufacturers make stereos for cars that can be used to prevent theft. They require a code.
  • Contact your manufacturer if you’ve lost your code. They will provide the serial number for your car’s stereo.

Your car and radio should be turned on. You may see the words “Code” and “Locked”. Your serial number can be entered using the numbers on your stereo system or touch screen. If your code number is 24367 then enter “2-4-3-7” by pressing the buttons on the stereo system’s touch screen or the numbered ones. Some radios may require you to push repeatedly the number 1 until you get the correct number. Once you’ve entered the code correctly, your stereo should automatically unlock.

You can turn your car off for fifteen minutes and then try again if the stereo stops accepting your input. If the number was entered incorrectly, your car will need to be restarted. Continue the steps above. Contact your car manufacturer in the event that you fail to unlock your stereo.

  • Turn the car and radio on.
  • If your stereo stops accepting your input, turn off your vehicle and wait for fifteen minutes.