Fix Google Meet Grid View Extension

Google and its apps don’t require any introduction. It’s a famous Information superhighway platform that offers a number of technologies and electronic hosts and services. One such program of Google is Google Meet. It’s a video-conferencing app that connects people on line face-to-face for business, academic, and private purposes. Though it has perfect features and attributes, some barriers exist. Clients have confronted issues with grid view on Google Meet. So, in today’s article, we will be trained in regards to the Google Meet grid view repair extension.

How to Fix Google Meet Grid View Extension

Earlier Google Meet purely supported 4 participants in a digital camera stream. For this reason, the Chrome extension for grid view has won popularity. It is a temporary workaround extension from Chrome built by means of Chris Gamble, including a grid design in Google meetings.

  • It forces us to enable a camera for every participant. And this Google Meet grid view extension allows you to watch as much as forty nine participants at the screen.
  • Note that if the participant disables the camera, it immediately switches the obvious view characteristic photograph to the profile picture.

If you’re a host of Google Meet & understand its codes, then it’s very stressful if the extension is not working. This guide will help you with the Google grid view fix. Follow the below-mentioned techniques heavily to discover a answer that works out for you.

Method 1: Restart Google Meet

The fundamental way to repair any software errors is to restart it. This simple method of re-opening the Google Meet program might uncover the Google grid view fix.

1. Go away the Google Meeting.

2. Click the cross-mark icon as shown to shut the web browser.

3. Pass to the Google meet page and rejoin the assembly by means of entering the meeting code.

Method 2: Turn On Grid View in Google Meet

Even although initially Google Meet didn’t aid more than four individuals in its camera stream, it later announced a tiled view feature in the app itself. Therefore, make sure to examine if the tiled design is grew to become on. To do so, follow the steps mentioned less than for the Google Meet grid view repair extension.

1. Visit the Google Meet page.

2. Input your meeting code and become a member of the meeting.

3. At the Google Meeting page, uncover and click on at the three vertical dots.

4. Choose the Change layout option.

5. Now, select the Tiled selection below the Change layout section.

6. Then, click on cross-mark as highlighted to shut the prompt.

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Method 3: Unpin Participant

The pinning function in Google Meet enables you to pin any participant’s digicam feed to necessarily be noticeable to you. This could intrude and cause conflict with the grid view. The variety of individuals ought to upload as much as make a reasonable grid. Therefore, follow the steps given to unpin a participant.

1. At the Google Meeting page, come across the people icon with participant range count number in superscript and click on it.

2. Click on on the three vertical dots next to the player you desire to unpin.

3. Then, choose the Unpin option as illustrated.

Note: After unpinning the player examine if the issue is fixed. If not, make sure to unpin all of the pinned participants.

Method 4: Use New Google Meet Grid View Extension

If not one of the above methods worked out to permit grid view in Google Meet, you can be compelled to add it by means of this extension utilizing the Chrome browser. To do so, enforce the instructions.

1. Leave the Google meeting.

2. Pass to the Chrome Internet Store web page to install the extension.

3. Click at the Add to Chrome button.

4. Choose Add extension at the Add Google Meet Grid View confirmation popup.

Method 5: Replace Extension

All the extensions in Google Chrome are up to date automatically. But observe that those automated updates take place purely while Chrome schedules it. It’s also attainable frequently that these scheduling may be delayed. Therefore, manually examine and update the extension by way of following the steps.

1. Press the Windows key and sort Chrome and click on Open.

2. Sort chrome://extensions within the Chrome web tackle bar and hit Enter key.

3. On the Extensions page, turn on the toggle for the Developer mode current in the upper correct nook of the exhibit screen.

4. Now, click on the Update option as shown.

Method 6: Re-enable Extension

If the established extension didn’t help you, then don’t worry. Attempt once by way of disabling and re-enabling the extension. To do so, follow the instructions.

1. Release the Google Chrome browser as accomplished earlier.

2. Sort chrome://extensions in the Chrome web tackle bar and hit Enter.

3. Turn off the toggle for the Google Meet Grid View extension at the Extensions page.

4. Again, turn on the toggle for a similar extension.

Method 7: Re-install Extension

If the replace and re-enable techniques didn’t work, try to re-install the extension. Comply with to do the same.

1. Open Chrome browser as achieved in the earlier method.

2. In the address bar, kind chrome://extensions, and press Enter.

3. Click on at the Remove option for the Google Meet Grid View extension to uninstall it.

4. Again, click on Remove on the confirmation popup.

5. Now, return to the Chrome Cyber web Store and comply with the instructions in Method 4 to re-install the extension.

Method 8: Use New Chrome Profile

Chrome profiles are greatly used to sustain bookmarks, extensions, themes, and settings. Clients usually have special profiles to segregate personal and work-related browsing. There is no damage in making extensions work by means of a brand new chrome profile. To create a new chrome profile, comply with the steps outlined below.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser as done earlier.

2. Click on on the profile picture as shown.

3. Then, select the Add option as highlighted to create a brand new profile.

4. Click on Continue with out an account.

Note: Click on on Sign in to log in utilizing your Gmail account.

5. Here, customize your profile by means of adding your desired name, profile picture, and subject matter color.

6. Now, click on Done, as proven below.

Note: If you don’t want a machine shortcut for this user, uncheck the Create a desktop shortcut for this user option.

7. Now, release Google meeting with the new chrome profile and the Google Meet grid view fix extension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it possible to share documents with others in the course of Google meetings?

Ans. You can present your display screen to different participants. Sharing documents might be accomplished by way of Google Drive. But, the hyperlink for the dossier you want to share can be uploaded in the Google Meet chatbox.

Q2. Does Google Meet have a time limitation?

Ans. Yes, there is a certain closing date present for a Google Meet. For one-on-one meetings, the time limit is 24 hours. While for participants three or more, there is 60 minutes deadline in line with session.