What Is The Best Way To Get My Honda Radio Code

After the Honda battery has been removed or changed, a radio code will be required in order to unlock the factory stereo. If the Honda has been sold new, it will include the radio code on a small card. It is possible that the card has been misplaced or lost if the Honda was purchased used. It is possible that the original owner did not provide the card.

You can easily retrieve the radio code of your Honda. If you know your radio serial number, it is easy to retrieve the radio code. It can sometimes be complicated to find the serial number of your radio, depending on which year you have.


Find the radio serial number

For 2001 Honda and Newer Honda cars, you can retrieve your radio serial number by holding down the “1”, “6”, and turning on the ignition switch. Holding the buttons down, switch on the ignition. Do not crank the engine. After a while, your radio serial number should be visible on the display.

  • You can retrieve your radio serial number from 2001 Honda cars by holding down the “1”, “6” buttons. Then, turn on the ignition switch and it will go to the “on”.

You can retrieve the serial number of your Honda radio on older Honda cars, 2000-and older models by reaching behind your radio. For the serial number to be found, remove your radio from its dashboard. This will depend on the Honda model you own. To access the radio’s rear, you might consider taking the car to a professional.

Note down the serial number for your radio. Ten characters are required to make the serial number. It includes eight numbers and two letters. To retrieve the serial number from the radio display’s display, first write the number starting with “U” and then the number beginning at “L”. The screen will flash between the two numbers.

Take out the letters “U” and “L” in the number. These numbers will make your radio serial number.


Radio code

Note down the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your Honda. The VIN can be found on your dashboard, at the bottom of your windscreen. While standing on the driver’s side exterior, the VIN will appear. It is 17 characters in length.

Contact Honda’s Customer Service department (see Resources). Talk to an associate about your radio code and provide your serial number, VIN, and personal information. An associate will provide you with the radio code at no cost.

If you’d prefer, you can obtain your radio code online. Honda provides a unique website to help you retrieve your radio code (see Resources). The service is free.

  • Take down Honda’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Honda provides a unique website to help you retrieve your radio codes (see Resources).