How To Insert The Code In A Nissan Radio

Many radios found in Nissan cars can be programmed and used with codes. The codes are available at most Nissan dealerships and can be entered directly from the driver’s seat. You can set codes as many times as you need and have full control over your device.

  • Codes are required to programme and use many of the radios found in Nissan cars.

You can get your vehicle’s manufacturer code at the dealer, or from your owner’s guide.

Turn the key to “Accessories” or “ACC” position by inserting it into the ignition.

Turn the radio on and leave it for three minutes before the radio stops playing.

The keypad will prompt you to hold down the “4” button and then a digit appears on the screen.

Scroll to the first number in the code using the tuning button. Use the tuning button for the next number. Repeat the procedure for the remaining four-digit codes by pressing “5”. The code will be entered after the “5” character is completed.