How To Install A Chimney For A Wood Stove On A Metal Roof

Completing the installation of a new wood-burning stove involves extending the chimney piping through the attic space and roof. For metal roofing, the procedure is a matter of defining the accurate hole location and correct mounting to ensure a secure and watertight roof connection. Completing the installation of a new wood-burning stove involves extending the … Read more

How To Install A Trampoline At A Slope

Tilting trampolines can cause the jumper to fall off their side. A perfectly level, flat lawn is the best surface for erecting a trampoline. Unfortunately, many lawns do not meet this requirement. You can rectify a lawn that slopes less then 2.5 cm (1 in) for every 17.5cm (7in) horizontal distance by digging trenches to … Read more

How To Install Mg Tf Brake Pads

The MG TF is a sporty two-seat roadster produced by MG from 2002 to 2005. A revival of the original TF model made from 1953 to 1955, the modern TF uses disc brakes on all four wheels. The semi-metallic pads wear down over time. MG TF owners should replace these pads before they wear down … Read more

How To Install Static Caravan Tie Downs

Static caravans are especially prone to movement during strong winds or hurricane conditions. Because static caravans are often elevated from the ground, winds can also circulate beneath the structures, causing an upward lifting force. It is much harder to decide which type of tie down and anchor to use, and in what quantity, than it … Read more

How To Install A Pantile Roof

Pantile roofing has been around for along time and has approved quality. Pantile roofing is an open gauge interlocking clay tile that was designed to make a natural clay roof more affordable. Mostly used in the UK, Pantile roofing adds character and attraction to any roof and is highly sought after. With the newer pantile … Read more