How To Repair A Cracked Thule Box

Thule boxes are mounted to the roofs of vehicles and used for storage. The units sometimes take a beating because they are exposed to the elements, stray rocks and debris. If your Thule box has seen better days, it can be repaired with items easily found at most hardware or home-improvement stores. Repairing a cracked … Read more

How To Change A Lock Box Combination

If you have ever lost your keys, have children who have lost them or have housekeeping or maintenance professionals that need to come into your home, but you don’t want them to keep a key, perhaps you should look into having a lockbox to store keys for such emergencies. They are easy to install and … Read more

How To Cut Scotia With A Mitre Box

Scotia is a light hardwood moulding with a concave profile, according to Wickes. It is good for covering corner gaps and expansion gaps for engineered flooring. A mitre box is a wooden or plastic saw guide with pre-formed angled slots. This makes sawing accurate angled cuts easier. Scotia is a light hardwood moulding with a … Read more