Can Wasps Cause Roof Damage

Although wasps often build nests beneath roof eaves or slide under shingles to reach the attic through cracks and crevices, most of their damage is minimal. While a colony may be able to crack and split wood to enter the attic, this is often a sign of damage. It is important to repair this damage … Read more

How To Install A Chimney For A Wood Stove On A Metal Roof

Completing the installation of a new wood-burning stove involves extending the chimney piping through the attic space and roof. For metal roofing, the procedure is a matter of defining the accurate hole location and correct mounting to ensure a secure and watertight roof connection. Completing the installation of a new wood-burning stove involves extending the … Read more

How To Walk On A Slate Roof

Slate roofing tiles are very delicate and can easily crack and dislodge under your weight. Ideally, you would only allow specially trained roofers to work on roofs covered in slate, but for emergency repairs or the retrieval of the occasional frisbee, it can’t be avoided. If you must go up there, be sure to follow … Read more

How To Install A Pantile Roof

Pantile roofing has been around for along time and has approved quality. Pantile roofing is an open gauge interlocking clay tile that was designed to make a natural clay roof more affordable. Mostly used in the UK, Pantile roofing adds character and attraction to any roof and is highly sought after. With the newer pantile … Read more

Roof Tiles Dimensions

Roof tiles provide protection for the buildings interior and are an essential part of the design process. There are many materials that can be used to make tiles, such as clay, slate concrete, plastic, and glass. Each tile has its own unique visual characteristics. The roof tiles can be attached to the structure using bolts … Read more