You Can Also Install Your Stair Runner In Another Way

Stair runners can be installed in the same manner as regular carpeting. This involves using tack strips or newer tackles to attach the runner and stretching the carpet. It is the safest method to use for any type of staircase. If your staircase doesn’t curve you have options. You may choose to use faster and easier ways to attach your runner.



If you’re attaching your carpet runners, make sure to use a power staple gun. The staples can be disguised by stretching the carpet nap between your fingers, pressing down on the base of the staple gun before you place each one into the carpet. Best staples should reach 1.5cm (1/2 inches) deep into the wood. The runner should be stapled along each step’s back and bottom (the vertical faces) as with tack strips. You can also staple the runners to each side of stairs with “noses”. Stretch the runners from the top to apply each staple.

  • If you’re stapling your carpet runners, make sure to use a power staple gun.
  • The runner should be stapled along the back edge (vertical) of every stairway, and at the bottom (vertical) of each riser.



Double-sided tape is used to secure lightweight stair runners. You can remove the stair runners every now and again for cleaning, however it will reduce the effectiveness of your tape. Tape a piece of tape about the same width as the runner to be at the bottom of every riser and behind each step. Place the tape at the base of each riser and backsides of every step. Tape can be used on concrete staircases such as basements. You can also use tape with exterior carpet. Tape allows for easy decor changes by simply switching to a different runner.

  • Double-sided tape is a good way to secure lightweight stair runners.
  • It will be possible to wash the stairrunner occasionally, but too much will cause it to become less effective.


Holds and rods

If you are going to need to take the stairrunner out, a stair rod and hold is a great way. The stair rods attach to each riser. A bracket is attached to each end of the rod. When the brackets close, the rod is attached to the carpet runner and squeezed into position. Although similar to rods and will secure the carpet runner from one end, stair holds can be used only for each side. These should be followed exactly according to manufacturer instructions. These require that a nonslip mat be placed underneath the runners. Some types might require other attachment methods to attach the edge of the carpet at the top.

  • You can install stair runners using stair rods or holds if the need arises to move them, such as changing their appearance.