How To Fix A Broken Marble Fireplace Surround

Marble is a natural stone used for many decorative applications, including fireplace surrounds. Natural marble is more delicate and porous than other types of stone or masonry material, which raises the risk of damage. Impact as well as general wear and tear can cause the marble surround to crack or chip in places. Repairing these … Read more

Plaster Fireplace Mantle Repair

Plaster fireplace mantles, also written as mantels, are moulded, decorative accents to your fireplace. Plaster fireplace mantles are joined to wood blocking or a wood frame, often with wire mesh as a support, and screwed through plasterboard and into the wall studs. Over time, the plaster of a decorative plaster mantel can chip or crack … Read more

How To Change A Gas Fireplace To Electric

Modern electric fireplaces display all the visual characteristics of a gas or wood burning hearth, including flames dancing over logs and the emission of faux smoke. However, in the UK, the operating cost of an electric fireplace is more than double that of a gas fireplace. Nevertheless, there is always a slight chance of leakage … Read more

How To Clean A Granite Fireplace

If you have a granite-finished fireplace, you already know how beautiful and durable your fireplace is. However, after years of use, soot can build up on your fireplace mantel and dull its shine. Cleaning a granite fireplace may seem like a daunting task, but it requires only common household cleaning items. If you have a … Read more