How To Calculate Slope For Rain Gutter Installation

Rain gutters have to slope down to the downspout for proper drainage. If they are level or sloped incorrectly, rain water will collect in the gutters. The minimal slope required will allow for adequate drainage. However, for larger roofs and areas with regular heavy rainfall, increase the gradient of slope for quicker drainage during heavy … Read more

How To Build A Pond On A Slope

A pond will bring an extra dimension to your garden and provide a haven for all manner of water insects and creatures. If your plot is on a slope you will have the added opportunity to include natural looking waterfalls and hear the sound of running water when you relax in your outside space.Mark out … Read more

How To Install A Trampoline At A Slope

Tilting trampolines can cause the jumper to fall off their side. A perfectly level, flat lawn is the best surface for erecting a trampoline. Unfortunately, many lawns do not meet this requirement. You can rectify a lawn that slopes less then 2.5 cm (1 in) for every 17.5cm (7in) horizontal distance by digging trenches to … Read more