How To Tie Scottish Dance Shoes

Gillies, also known as slippers, are shoes worn by women to perform traditional Scottish dancing. These slippers are similar in style to ballet slippers, but have a distinctive look thanks to the added laces. Because the shoes have open sides, the special-woven “poodle socks”, which are made of woven material, can be seen through. They … Read more

How To Tie A Captally

A cap tally, or a ribbon that is tied around the cap band of a sailboat’s cap, can be described as a cap. Cap tallies come in black, and are often adorned with gold or yellow lettering. These tallies often have lettering in yellow or gold that spells the name of the vessel, fleet, navy, … Read more

How To Install Static Caravan Tie Downs

Static caravans are especially prone to movement during strong winds or hurricane conditions. Because static caravans are often elevated from the ground, winds can also circulate beneath the structures, causing an upward lifting force. It is much harder to decide which type of tie down and anchor to use, and in what quantity, than it … Read more