How To Replace A Fiat Punto Headlight

Europe’s fifth best-selling car, the compact and stylish Fiat Punto, is equipped with many distinctive headlight features. The Punto has a bold front end with fog lights that blink automatically when changing lanes, including the “Follow me home” headlights system, with headlight bulbs that remain illuminated during the dark as the driver exits the vehicle. … Read more

How To Build A Model Of The Colosseum

You can build a paper model of the Colosseum that is instantly recognisable to viewers as the famous stadium. The Roman Colosseum has a slightly elliptical shape that gave fans a great view of the action no matter where they were sitting. The look of the real-life iconic building is under constant change due to … Read more

How To Program The Key Fob For A Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona minivan has an optional keyless-entry system. Replacement remotes can be purchased at the dealership, online or from an electronics store. Remotes purchased online or from electronics stores will require programming.Open the bonnet of the vehicle. Locate the diagnostic plug for the vehicle and remove the cap. The cap says “Diagnostic” on it. … Read more

How To Get Rust Out Of A Microwave

The idea of a rusted microwave oven may seem scary, with all the heating waves bouncing around, but a small amount of rust actually doesn’t normally affect the conductivity of the machine, according to the How Everything Works website. However, if the rust feels hot after running the microwave, it may eventually cause the oven … Read more

How To Repair A Split Sole On Shoes

As shoes have become more expensive in recent years, you may opt to repair rather than replace your broken shoes. As shoes age, the rubber soles begin to wear away and become brittle, causing splits. Fortunately, minor splits in a shoe sole are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair. As shoes have become more expensive … Read more

How To Change The Alternator In A Ford Ka

One of the best-selling city cars in the world, the Ford Ka has been in production since 1996. A small, compact vehicle that features nimble handling for cornering around tight spaces in city environments where the streets are too narrow for larger cars, the Ka has a number of components in common with other vehicles, … Read more

How To Tell A Real Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas, characterised by tufted leather, scrolled arms and brass-covered nails, have been a symbol of fine craftsmanship and durability since the late 1700s. While many manufactured knock-offs are sold through furniture dealers, authentic Chesterfield sofas, in addition to being handcrafted, have certain notable features.Sit on the sofa. Chesterfield Sofas, a U.K. online resource, specifies … Read more

How Do I Replace A Headlight Bulb On A Mercedes Benz Slk 350

The Mercedes Benz SLK 350 uses halogen headlights. As with any vehicle, the headlight bulbs naturally burn out after long use and you must replace them. Luckily the SLK 350 has a separate high-beam and low-beam bulb, so you do not have to replace the entire headlight assembly when one of the bulbs burns out. … Read more

How To Calculate Ballast Weight Displacement

Calculating your boat’s displacement related to ballast weight may surprise you in two respects. The first is that your boat’s displacement is effected by the ballast weight on a pound-for-pound basis, since your boat’s displacement is the weight of your boat, reckoned in terms of the weight of water it displaces to float. The second … Read more

How To Change A Honda Jazz Fuel Filter

The fuel filter protects your engine by filtering out any contaminants that get trapped in the fuel tank. Before fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber, it passes through the filter. Eventually, though, the fuel filter becomes dirty (clogged) and must be replaced. If you don’t replace it, you can experienced decreased performance and gas … Read more

How To Turn Off Dsc In A Mini Cooper

In 2001, BMW introduced the all-new redesigned Mini Cooper. Model types for the Mini include the hardtop, convertible, Clubman, Countryman and John Cooper Works. The Dynamic Stability Control system aids the driver when navigating through slippery road conditions. DSC works by manipulating the braking system and throttling engine power when the on-board computer detects wheel … Read more

How To Clean A Military Gore Tex Bivy Sack

A Gore-Tex bivy, or bivouac, sack is a lightweight weather protection sack for sleeping bags. The sack provides an external layer of protection for an outdoor sleeping system. According to the Gore-Tex Care Center, routine care and maintenance extends the lifespan of the sack.Turn the washing machine on to a normal warm water cycle. Add … Read more