How To Replace A Door Lock On A Ford Focus

The Focus is the main entry-level vehicle in the Ford Motor Company fleet and one of the more inexpensive cars on the road. Despite its lower price point, the Focus is still susceptible to theft and break-ins. In the event your Focus has had the door lock damaged due to a theft or attempted theft, replacing the lock should be your first priority. In some cases, the door handle will also need to be replaced.Remove the trim covers hiding the fasteners near the inner door handle with the pocket screwdriver. There is a tiny slot in the trim panel that the head of the pocket screwdriver will fit in. Be careful not to dig the screwdriver into the surrounding trim, as the plastic is easily damaged.

Use the socket wrench and Torx bits to remove the fasteners holding the door panel in place. Set all the fasteners in one place for easy access when reinstalling the door panel.

Lift the trim from the inside of the mirror mount off the door by pulling away from the door.

Lift the door panel up and away from the door and then disconnect the wiring harness leading to the lock and window switches. Once the wiring is disconnected, move the door panel away and place it somewhere safe.

Shine the flashlight into the door and locate the back side of the outer door handle. Once located, use the socket set to unbolt the door handle and take it out of the door.

Slide the old lock cylinder out of the door handle by gently prying the retaining tabs away from the cylinder. Install the new cylinder in the reverse manner.

Reinstall the door handle and door panel in the opposite manner in which they were removed. Be sure to get the top tab on the door panel back into the top of the door itself before reinstalling the fasteners. Do not forget to reconnect the wiring harness for the lock and window switches. Reattach the mirror trim when done.