How To Build A Model Of A Football Stadium

Stadiums are one of the signature features of the sport of football. Every week for more than four months, hundreds of thousands of people gather at these venues. Would you like to create your own replica of a stadium or design a new model? Here’s how.Design your football stadium model on paper first. If you … Read more

How To Build A Model Of The Colosseum

You can build a paper model of the Colosseum that is instantly recognisable to viewers as the famous stadium. The Roman Colosseum has a slightly elliptical shape that gave fans a great view of the action no matter where they were sitting. The look of the real-life iconic building is under constant change due to … Read more

How To Build A Pond On A Slope

A pond will bring an extra dimension to your garden and provide a haven for all manner of water insects and creatures. If your plot is on a slope you will have the added opportunity to include natural looking waterfalls and hear the sound of running water when you relax in your outside space.Mark out … Read more

How To Build A Rill Water Garden

Even though your garden may not provide the slope necessary for a waterfall or the space needed for a pond, you can still enjoy a water garden.┬áRills, or narrow canals, wind through a back garden adding ambience and the pleasant sound of running water. Formal rills are made of concrete or masonry and typically employ … Read more

How To Build Your Own Fibreglass Canoe

Early canoes were carved out of wood by Native Americans, who usually hollowed out a fallen tree. Today, modern technology allows canoes made out of wood and fibreglass. While fibreglass canoes can be expensive, easily costing over PS650 as of February 2011, with a canoe mould and some time on your hands you can build … Read more

How To Build A Porch Foundation

When building a porch foundation, the most important considerations are the weight the foundation must support, the soil conditions and the slope where you are building. First, estimate the weight the foundation must support, including the weight of the foundation; the weight of the porch; the weight of the roof, if there is one; the … Read more