How To Open The Hood On A Mercedes C220

Opening the bonnet on older Mercedes models, including the C220, requires steps that are difficult to figure out if you don’t have the owner’s manual. The C-class is the smallest Mercedes sedan in the United States. The E-Class and S-class are the two larger sedan models. The C220 has a four cylinder engine and was … Read more

How Do I Program The Radio In A Mercedes

Most car radios allow you to save your favourite radio stations and retrieve them with a press of a single button. You can program as many as 10 radio presets on your Mercedes radio. Once saved, you can access the programmed radio stations by pressing the associated preset button. Programming radio stations is a simple … Read more

How To Freeze Duck Breasts

Duck breasts, sometimes called “magrets,” taste somewhat like tender, red meat when roasted. Although many people save duck breasts for special occasions, if you find them in your grocer’s meat case or freezer case, they can make a delightful change of pace from standard poultry or beef. You can also freeze duck breasts for extended … Read more