How Do I Know If My Beatles Autographs Are Real

Anywhere from 65 to 90 per cent of Beatles autographs circulating are fake. You are unlikely to purchase an authentic Beatles autograph for under PS650. The profit that can be had from selling a Beatles autograph has prompted a slew of scam artists to attempt to replicate the band’s signatures and convince unknowing consumers that … Read more

How To Tell A Real Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas, characterised by tufted leather, scrolled arms and brass-covered nails, have been a symbol of fine craftsmanship and durability since the late 1700s. While many manufactured knock-offs are sold through furniture dealers, authentic Chesterfield sofas, in addition to being handcrafted, have certain notable features.Sit on the sofa. Chesterfield Sofas, a U.K. online resource, specifies … Read more