How To Repair A Split Sole On Shoes

As shoes have become more expensive in recent years, you may opt to repair rather than replace your broken shoes. As shoes age, the rubber soles begin to wear away and become brittle, causing splits. Fortunately, minor splits in a shoe sole are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair. As shoes have become more expensive … Read more

How To Tie Scottish Dance Shoes

Gillies, also known as slippers, are shoes worn by women to perform traditional Scottish dancing. These slippers are similar in style to ballet slippers, but have a distinctive look thanks to the added laces. Because the shoes have open sides, the special-woven “poodle socks”, which are made of woven material, can be seen through. They … Read more

How To Repair Mephisto Shoes

Mephisto Shoes are high quality products made by skilled craftsmen using traditional materials such as leather and cork. Mephisto footwear is durable, but repeated use over time can cause damage. You can repair your Mephisto shoes at home, and avoid paying the expensive fees of a professional. Use a soapy, damp cloth to scrub the … Read more