How To Calculate Ballast Weight Displacement

Calculating your boat’s displacement related to ballast weight may surprise you in two respects. The first is that your boat’s displacement is effected by the ballast weight on a pound-for-pound basis, since your boat’s displacement is the weight of your boat, reckoned in terms of the weight of water it displaces to float. The second … Read more

How To Measure Scooter Roller Weight

A typical scooter uses a drive component called a variator. Instead of a geared transmission, variators use a single sliding, cone-shaped plate called an angle plate. As the RPMs increase, the angle plate slides outward and changes the size (and therefore the ratio) of the drive pulley. Roller weights affect the sliding action of the … Read more

For 14 Year Olds Normal Weight

Your body changes constantly at 14 years of age, trading in the characteristics of childhood for adulthood. Changes in appearance and height also bring about changes in weight. Given the variety of body types, it can be hard to determine what weight is appropriate for you. Consider your gender and height when you decide how … Read more