How To Get Rid Of Mice Under Floorboards

By chewing on wires, mice can damage your house. You can be also affected by their spread of a number of diseases. Mice are attracted to dark and secure places, such as beneath floorboards. They will crawl under your floors in search of water or food. If you wish to maintain your health and home, it is essential to learn how to remove mice from under the floorboards.

  • By chewing on wires, mice can inflict serious harm to your house.

Find all mouse exit and entrance holes. According to Michael T. Mengak (Wildlife Specialist, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources), mice can get into your home through small openings, such as those made of a dime.

Install snap traps along all routes and at all exits and entrances. Mice can travel between walls and baseboards. Snap traps should be placed at an angle to the wall with triggers closest to the wall. As bait, spread peanut butter onto the snap traps. Snap traps are available at hardware stores.

Dead mice should be thrown out immediately and traps must be checked daily. You can use disposable gloves or latex gloves to open traps and allow the dead mouse to slide into a garbage bag. Use bleach to clean the snap traps. Mengak, Wildlife Specialist notes that you may dispose of the snap traps with the mouse inside so the rodent is not in danger. Simply place a fresh trap.

To prevent mice from re-entering your home, seal all openings. Hardware stores sell these products.

  • Every day, check traps and get rid of dead mice as soon as possible.
  • All openings, inside or out, should be sealed with steel mesh wire and caulking in order to stop mice from entering.

Your trash should be placed in a safe garbage container to avoid making your house attractive to mice. To avoid mice getting into your house, remove any debris and clutter from the yard. Mengak, a wildlife specialist recommends that you save any unused traps for when there is a new infestation or if it becomes necessary to re-evaluate the process.

Place snap traps in a secure and discreet place as they could be dangerous to your pets or children. You should allow the snap traps to remain out of any openings or holes in your floorboards for at least a week before sealing them.