What Is Hammerite Paint

Hammerite is the name of a brand for an assortment of enamels, paints, and other products that MasterChem Industries, LLC developed, produces, and sells. MasterChem Industries, LLC is part of Masco Corporation. Hammerite Rust Cap is a paint that can be used over any metal surface, including rusted or bare. It does not require a primer. Hammerite paints, when properly applied can stop rusting as well as the corrosion of previously rusted areas.



MasterChem Industries recommends Hammerite for interior and exterior use. Hammerite is a good rust prevention product for metal surfaces. Hammerite can also be used to protect metal lawn furniture, bikes and other outdoor toys made of metal.



To create an impermeable seal, Hammerite paints combine proprietary resins with glass flakes. This paint forms a rustproof barrier when the heat-hardened glass particles are joined together. This allows paint to be easily applied on already rusted surfaces while still providing a stunning protective finish.



It can be used to paint over rusted surfaces. This paint is ideal for decorative purposes. The finish options for Hammerite are smooth and hammered. You can choose from eleven different finishes. Hammerite paint is self-priming and does not require any undercoat. Hammerite is not compatible with galvanized metal, bare aluminum and other surfaces that have had zinc coated.

  • Rusted surfaces can be painted with Hammerite Paint.
  • Hammerite, a self-priming painting that does not require any undercoat is possible.


Take into account

Proper surface preparation is essential for Hammerite paints’ performance. Scrape or sand with 80-grit sandpaper to remove loose paint, dirt and any rust. To prepare for painting, you should avoid using acid rust converters. Before painting, it is recommended that you patch a portion of the previously painted surface to ensure adhesion.

  • A proper preparation of the surface is essential for Hammerite to meet their expectations.
  • You can remove loose paint, dirt, rust by scraping and sanding at least 80 grit.



Inhaled xylene and petroleum distillates can cause harmful vapours in Hammerite paints. These volatiles could cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, skin, and eyes. Inhaling these fumes could cause permanent brain damage, nerve system damage, or even death. This product is not recommended to be placed near any flames.

  • Inhaled xylene and petroleum distillates can cause harmful vapours from Hammerite paints.
  • Vapours that are volatile should be avoided around open flames.