How To Remove A Kia Sportage Oil Filter

Changing the oil filter in your Kia is an important part of maintaining a healthy engine. Changing the oil alone is not enough. The filter is designed to catch any metal shavings, dirt or other contaminants in the oil, and, if changed with every oil change, it will function well. Small particles of abrasive materials … Read more

How To Remove Wallpaper Behind A Radiator

If you have a radiator in your home, it can make jobs such as painting and wallpapering a little more difficult. Deciding to ignore the wall that is behind the radiator is the equivalent of leaving the redecorating job half done.Although you can have a professional remove the radiator for you, that can be somewhat … Read more

How To Remove Creases From Leather

Few things are as noticeable in the fashion world as a crease in leather. These pesky marks are usually left over from a bad fold or careless storage of your item while traveling. Whether it is a hat, bag or jacket, there are two simple ways to get rid of your creases. Few things are … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Plaster Coving

Plaster coving, usually found in older homes, is very delicate. Your plaster may have been in its current spot for hundreds of years. In many cases, the plaster coving has been covered and re-covered in multiple coats of paint. Removing paint from any plaster surface should be done with great care. You may be working … Read more

How To Remove Mould On A Convertible Top

Convertibles require a soft-top design so that they can fold backwards, and soft tops require careful cleaning from time to time. They are normally made of fabric or vinyl and can be subject to mould growth if they get wet and don’t adequately dry out. Removing mould from a convertible top is not difficult but … Read more

How To Remove A Ford Focus Rear Cargo Panel

Although the Focus sedan does not have a rear cargo panel, both the hatchback and estate car versions do. The hatchback has a traditional fixed cargo cover; the estate car has a “rolling” cargo shade. These covers are handy for keeping items in your cargo compartment private. However, you may need to remove the cover … Read more

How To Remove Evo Stik From Concrete Floors

Concrete floors serve as reliable and resilient subsurfaces for tiling installations, generally requiring little more than a cleaning to be prepared for the installation process. The Bostik chemical company produces Evo-Stik, a tile adhesive and grout product designed specifically for concrete installations. This product is designed to secure and seal tile to the surface, so … Read more

How Do I Remove The Casters From A Bed Frame

To raise the height of your bed using risers, you must first remove the casters on the bed frame. The most common type of bed frame caster is the friction caster. These casters simply snap in and out of holes in the bed frame. Many times these casters have a sleeve that fits between the … Read more

How To Remove Mold From Conservator Blinds

The conservatory is ideal for mold growth. Condensation on windows can encourage mould development. The living spores of mould thrive in moist areas. For further mold development to stop, it is important that the spores are killed. You can find sprays and specialty mould-cleaning products at your local grocery store, but you also have the … Read more

How To Remove Condensation From A Watch

Condensation can build up inside a watch crystal whenever the watch is exposed to a lot of water, extreme fog, or humidity. Whenever the watch warranty is in place, most manufacturers recommend those who are familiar with the workings of the timepiece remove the condensation. However, if the warranty has expired, there are ways to … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Pipes

While removing paint is not a complicated process, most standard techniques for paint removal involve flat surfaces. Removing paint from a curved surface presents a greater challenge, especially if the surface is fully rounded, like a metal pipe. Stripping paint from a metal pipe uses much the same process as that of a painted wall, … Read more

How To Remove A Stuck Bottle Stopper

Some of the contents of a bottle can get in between the stopper and the inside of the bottle neck. The liquid dries and sticks the stopper to the bottle. Foreign matter such as dirt and dust can also make the stopper stick inside the bottle. Or, the stopper can get stuck because it was … Read more