How To Mix Snazaroo Face Paint

Snazaroo face paints are commonly used by professional face painters. Brushes and sponges are the two main tools used to draw lines, sponge patterns and mix colours. Mixing colours is a technique that can generate designs that look both beautiful and professional. There are many different face painting techniques that involve mixing colours. Here are … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Plaster Coving

Plaster coving, usually found in older homes, is very delicate. Your plaster may have been in its current spot for hundreds of years. In many cases, the plaster coving has been covered and re-covered in multiple coats of paint. Removing paint from any plaster surface should be done with great care. You may be working … Read more

How To Paint Brass Etched Parts On Models

Brass photo-etched parts have become increasingly popular with model builders since the 1990s. The main advantage of brass photo-etching is realism. Plastic parts must be moulded and this process limits both the level of detail and the thinness of the parts. In other words, you just can’t get highly detailed or properly scaled small plastic … Read more

How To Paint Lincrusta

Lincrusta is an embossed wall covering made of wood flour and gelled linseed oil. Although Lincrusta is well-suited for paint, do-it-yourselfers often have difficulty generating a flawless finish because the deep embossing tends to promote excessive runs. If you’re planning to paint Lincrusta, learn the proper way to generate attractive results, free from messy runs. … Read more

How To Paint An Artex Ceiling

Artex is a surface coating that produces a textured appearance on ceilings. To paint an Artex ceiling, you’ll need to employ a particular application strategy because Artex is uncommonly porous and soaks up a large amount of paint. If you apply an initial diluted coat of paint you saturate the texture and create a surface … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Pipes

While removing paint is not a complicated process, most standard techniques for paint removal involve flat surfaces. Removing paint from a curved surface presents a greater challenge, especially if the surface is fully rounded, like a metal pipe. Stripping paint from a metal pipe uses much the same process as that of a painted wall, … Read more

How To Paint Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are perfect for those areas in your home that get a lot of traffic. But if you have bought a new home and you do not like the style of the laminate floor in your kitchen, dining room or other area of the house, there is no need to remove it and start … Read more

How To Paint On Neoprene

The foam-like thickness of neoprene provides protection and insulation. Wet suits, mouse pads and protective cases benefit from neoprene’s thermal protection and water resistance. Since neoprene consists of synthetic rubber cells, it must be treated for bonding agents and coatings to adhere to the surface of the material. Similarly, certain solvents and cleaning solutions may … Read more

How To Paint Breeze Block Walls

Refinish your breeze block wall with the right paint to transform it. Breeze blocks consist of an aggregate made up of fine sand and gravel. They are not suitable for adhesion, and they can reject any new finishes that you do not properly condition. You can get paint to adhere to breezeblock walls by treating … Read more

How To Paint A Fence After A Rain

Sometimes, stuff just happens. You can wake up one morning, all primed and ready to go out and paint that fence in your yard, then come to a crashing halt when you realise that that funny noise you hear on your roof is actually rain. Since it is impossible to paint in the rain, you’re … Read more

How To Paint Sandstone

Sandstone is the softest stone used in construction; so soft that you can actually pick away chunks of it with your hands. You would think this characteristic would render it useless in building, but it is actually a prominent building material. You do have to take into consideration its brittle nature before you attempt to … Read more

What Is Hammerite Paint

Hammerite is the name of a brand for an assortment of enamels, paints, and other products that MasterChem Industries, LLC developed, produces, and sells. MasterChem Industries, LLC is part of Masco Corporation. Hammerite Rust Cap is a paint that can be used over any metal surface, including rusted or bare. It does not require a … Read more

How To Use Emulsion Paint

Emulsions are liquids that contain at least two different materials, such as oil and water. An emulsion paint is composed of pigments, synthetic particles, and water. The water evaporates after application and leaves the substrate covered with the synthetics (most often acrylic). They will form a solid layer as the synthetics dry. This prevents them … Read more