How To Remove Paint From Plaster Coving

Plaster coving, usually found in older homes, is very delicate. Your plaster may have been in its current spot for hundreds of years. In many cases, the plaster coving has been covered and re-covered in multiple coats of paint. Removing paint from any plaster surface should be done with great care. You may be working … Read more

Plaster Fireplace Mantle Repair

Plaster fireplace mantles, also written as mantels, are moulded, decorative accents to your fireplace. Plaster fireplace mantles are joined to wood blocking or a wood frame, often with wire mesh as a support, and screwed through plasterboard and into the wall studs. Over time, the plaster of a decorative plaster mantel can chip or crack … Read more

How Much To Charge For Venetian Plaster Jobs

Venetian plaster can be seen as an inferior finish that is frequently underbid by novice painters. Venetian plaster can be very labor intensive and expensive. You may be tempted to make Venetian plasterwork your main business, but you have also had bad experiences undercharging. 1 Square Footage Venetian plaster can be charged by the square … Read more