How To Make An Atlas Stone Mold

Atlas stones are man-made concrete boulders used to prove human strength in strongman competitions. These stones can be heavier than 90 kg. Although the use of these stones has primitive roots in the lifting of large rocks, the modern Atlas stone is an almost perfect sphere made of concrete. You can create your own atlas … Read more

How To Remove Mold From Conservator Blinds

The conservatory is ideal for mold growth. Condensation on windows can encourage mould development. The living spores of mould thrive in moist areas. For further mold development to stop, it is important that the spores are killed. You can find sprays and specialty mould-cleaning products at your local grocery store, but you also have the … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Mold On Firewood

Mold is a common problem with firewood. Conditions outdoors are often damp, and firewood is full of the nutrients that mould needs to thrive. But mould is not an inevitability. In fact, it is seen most often in firewood that is improperly stored or cured. The best way to get rid of mould on your … Read more