How To Remove Condensation From A Watch

Condensation can build up inside a watch crystal whenever the watch is exposed to a lot of water, extreme fog, or humidity. Whenever the watch warranty is in place, most manufacturers recommend those who are familiar with the workings of the timepiece remove the condensation. However, if the warranty has expired, there are ways to … Read more

How To Replace The Battery On My Timex Marathon Watch

The Timex Marathon is a digital sports watch that includes convenient calendar, alarm and stopwatch functions. Change the battery in your Timex Marathon when the digital display grows faint or if the watch stops. The battery replacement process for Timex Marathon watches is simple, straightforward and takes just minutes. Remove the pressure-sealed back of your … Read more

How To Replace Raymond Weil Watch Battery

Replacing a Raymond Weil watch battery should be performed by an authorised Raymond Weil dealer. Replacing the battery on contemporary Raymond Weils takes some skill because the case is pressurised on some models or contains a rubber gasket to keep it watertight. If you determine your Raymond Weil watch has a pressurised case back, don’t … Read more

How To Fix A Quartz Watch That Is Losing Time

In today’s world, where time means money, having a watch that loses time can mean loss of potential income. With their accuracy, easy maintenance and slimmer movements, quartz watches have established themselves as leaders in the realm of timekeeping technology. But every so often, when a quartz watch starts to lose time and becomes inaccurate, … Read more

How To Take Links Out Of A Pulsar Watch

While Pulsar originally made a name for itself by producing the first digital watch, today’s fine Pulsar watches are primarily analogue or combination analogue-digital. If your Pulsar watch is too big, you can take out a few links to make the band tighter. Adjusting the bands of these beautiful watches to a perfect fit is … Read more