How To Remove Creases From Leather

Few things are as noticeable in the fashion world as a crease in leather. These pesky marks are usually left over from a bad fold or careless storage of your item while traveling. Whether it is a hat, bag or jacket, there are two simple ways to get rid of your creases. Few things are … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Plaster Coving

Plaster coving, usually found in older homes, is very delicate. Your plaster may have been in its current spot for hundreds of years. In many cases, the plaster coving has been covered and re-covered in multiple coats of paint. Removing paint from any plaster surface should be done with great care. You may be working … Read more

How To Remove Evo Stik From Concrete Floors

Concrete floors serve as reliable and resilient subsurfaces for tiling installations, generally requiring little more than a cleaning to be prepared for the installation process. The Bostik chemical company produces Evo-Stik, a tile adhesive and grout product designed specifically for concrete installations. This product is designed to secure and seal tile to the surface, so … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Pipes

While removing paint is not a complicated process, most standard techniques for paint removal involve flat surfaces. Removing paint from a curved surface presents a greater challenge, especially if the surface is fully rounded, like a metal pipe. Stripping paint from a metal pipe uses much the same process as that of a painted wall, … Read more

How To Recover Information From Vhs Tapes Recorded Over

Everyone’s done it, accidentally recorded over something with their video camera. Or even if it wasn’t accidental, don’t you just sometimes with you could have some of those outtakes back to watch and laugh at. Well, before the digital age–if you can remember that far back–people recorded on VHS tapes. Besides being bulky and temperamental, … Read more

How To Remove Letters From A Printable Silicon Wristband

Silicon wristbands are inexpensive and easy to find, making them popular as promotional products at events, fundraisers, sports events and nearly anything else you can think of. Many people like to wear the wristbands simply as a fashion accessory and want to remove the printed lettering to have a plain wristband with no logo or … Read more

How To Remove Heat Stains From Kitchen Countertops

Placing hot cookware on a kitchen countertop can cause it to become scorched and stained with heat marks. Burn marks and heat stains can mar a countertop’s aesthetic appeal, depending on the severity of damage. Scorched stainless steel countertops are extremely unsanitary, as damages to their chromium oxide layer eventually cause them to rust. Promptly … Read more