How To Make A Roman Theatre Mask

The theater was a big part of the fun in ancient Rome. Romans always wore masks in these plays. Most of the time, the masks were bigger than real life, but this made it easier for people to see the faces from far away. Different masks had different expressions on the faces. Even though all … Read more

How To Make An Atlas Stone Mold

Atlas stones are man-made concrete boulders used to prove human strength in strongman competitions. These stones can be heavier than 90 kg. Although the use of these stones has primitive roots in the lifting of large rocks, the modern Atlas stone is an almost perfect sphere made of concrete. You can create your own atlas … Read more

How To Make A Sgian Dubh Handle

The sgian dubh (pronounced skeen-doo) is a short, sharp knife and an essential part of traditional Scottish weaponry. It’s also called the black knife. Scots men and women carried these little knives for eating, cutting rope and to use during hunting. Many men carried their sgian dubhs in the top of their hose garters in … Read more

How To Make A Horse Walker

Horse walkers, or hot walkers, are often used as time savers for exercising horses or cooling down following a workout. Walkers are sometimes used to rehabilitate horses after injuries as well. Purchasing new or used horse walkers can be easily accomplished, but they are expensive. Depending on preferences, walkers can range from £1,950 to £13,000. … Read more

How To Legally Make Someone The Godmother Of Your Child

An important decision that many parents make is appointing a godparent. The role of godmother is not actually a legal commitment. Traditionally, it refers to the spiritual sponsor of a child. These days, it usually refers to someone who will act as a supportive friend and mentor to the parents and the child. A legally-defined … Read more

How To Make Glass Doors For Vivariums

Reptile enthusiasts use wooden vivariums to house snakes, as well as lizards such as bearded dragons and geckos. The front of a standard shop-bought wooden vivarium has two glass sliding doors with a plinth above and below. You can make your own glass doors for a self-build vivarium project or replace damaged doors on a … Read more

How To Make Concrete Pillar Caps

A pillar cap is placed on top of a brick pillar as a decorative and useful finish. A column may look bare if there is no cap on it. Some homeowners place lights on top of the brick columns and the caps are used to cover the lights. Simple column caps that are shaped like … Read more

How To Make Honda Vision Mopeds Go Faster

Mechanical modifications to your Honda Vision moped’s intake and variator can speed up the process. Your engine’s airflow is restricted by the plastic intake cover. The variator system also has a speed-restricting device that blocks power transfer between your engine and the drive belt. The speed-restricting washing and plastic intake can be removed to make … Read more

How To Make Kfc Chicken Reheat

Kentucky Fried Chicken first opened its doors in 1930. The chain expanded across the country in 1952. The old classic is loved by most people. Kentucky Fried Chicken is delicious and tender. It is possible to find leftover KFC and wonder how you can reheat it. KFC can be best reheated in an oven. However, … Read more

Make Your Own Tar And Chips

For homeowners who have driveways of any size, cost-effective, and attractive driveway paving options may be of value. The tar-and-chip method is a cost-effective and attractive way to seal driveways. It also requires minimal maintenance. Tar and chip pavers combine asphalt with stone to form a highly textured and hard surface. You get a driveway … Read more