Make Your Own Tar And Chips

For homeowners who have driveways of any size, cost-effective, and attractive driveway paving options may be of value. The tar-and-chip method is a cost-effective and attractive way to seal driveways. It also requires minimal maintenance. Tar and chip pavers combine asphalt with stone to form a highly textured and hard surface. You get a driveway with more texture and better traction under slick conditions. While tar- and chip driveways should be installed by professional contractors, DIY enthusiasts who have the necessary equipment and know-how can do the job themselves.

  • Driveway paving is an attractive and cost-effective option for homeowners who have driveways of any size.
  • The tar-and-chip method is a cost-effective and visually appealing way to seal driveways. It also requires minimal long-term maintenance.

You can choose the color and type of gravel chips you want to use as the top coating of your tar-chip surface. For every 100 square meters (2.2 tons) of surface that is to be treated with chip and tar, purchase approximately 2.2 tonnes of gravel chips. Before installing the surface, arrange for delivery of the gravel. Prior to starting the tar and chips process, gather the materials and equipment needed at the job site.

Roller a firm, compacted dirt roadway for your driveway. A thick layer of medium crushed gravel should be laid along the driveway’s roadbed. This will serve as the base for the tar & chip process. You don’t need an initial gravel layer if a driveway surface such as concrete or asphalt is in place.

  • Use a heavy machine roller to roll a compacted dirt roadbed.
  • A thick layer of medium crushed gravel should be placed along the driveway’s roadway.

A local rental company can rent a hot liquid asphalt sprayer. Spread 6 to 9mm (6 to 8 mm) layer (1/4 to 3/8 in.) of asphalt on top of the gravel. You will use approximately 190 litres (50 gal) of liquid asphalt per 84 square metres of driveway.

When the asphalt is hot and sticky, you can dump gravel chips onto it. The gravel should be spread using an industrial shovel until it is a uniform 2.5 cm (1 inch) thickness. While installing gravel chips, work in the opposite direction.

Use an industrial roller to roll the gravel chips into the asphalt coating. After the gravel chips are incorporated into the asphalt liquid, let the driveway set at least 48 hours prior to driving.

Spray no more than 6mm (or 1/4 inch) of liquid asphalt on the driveway surface. Liquid asphalt that is too thick can penetrate the gravel and cause damage to the surface.

The liquid asphalt should be applied at approximately 148 degrees C (325 degrees F). You should exercise caution when handling hot asphalt.