How To Make A Sgian Dubh Handle

The sgian dubh (pronounced skeen-doo) is a short, sharp knife and an essential part of traditional Scottish weaponry. It’s also called the black knife. Scots men and women carried these little knives for eating, cutting rope and to use during hunting. Many men carried their sgian dubhs in the top of their hose garters in … Read more

How To Remove The Window Winder Handle In A Vauxhall

Vauxhall cars, like all other car models made by General Motors, come with specially fitted window winder handles. These handles are quite difficult to remove. There are special clips used on the winder handles, which have to be removed using specialised clip removers. There is an extremely thin horseshoe-shaped clip behind the winder handle in … Read more

How To Replace A Knife Handle

Handles, also known as scales for knives, provide secure gripping of a knife when cutting, chopping, and cutting. There are many options for handles made of different materials, such as wood, ivory and bone or polymers. Most knives have removable handles, which allow you to clean and replace them. The handles of your knife may … Read more