How To Make Roman Shades For Tab Top Tabs

A tab-top Roman shade with a curtain rod is a modern way to update a traditional Roman shade. The tab-top Roman shades can be mounted outside of the window frame, rather than inside it. It is easy to create a tab top Roman shade. This requires simple sewing and straight seams.

The outside of your window should be measured at 4 inches. You should add four inches to your window’s width. From the curtain rod, measure the length of your windows from the bottom of the window sill to the top. Add 4 inches for hems. To determine the maximum length of the tab, measure the distance between the curtain rod and top edge of the window sill.

  • A tab-top Roman shade can be modernized and given a contemporary twist by using a curtain rod and decorative curtains.
  • To determine the maximum length of the tab, measure the distance between the curtain rod and top edge of the window sill.

You can cut your fabric to any size you like. For a tab measuring 3 inches by 10 inches, measure the fabric strips. For every 6- to 8-inch width, allow one tab.

Double-sided 2-inch hems should be applied to all sides of the Roman shade. Assemble the corners as shown in Resources. You can either sew the hems by machine or hand. A 1/4 inch opening should be left in the bottom and top hems.

  • You can cut the fabric to your desired size.
  • In one corner, allow 1/4″ for the opening between the top and bottom edges.

Each tab’s short ends should be pressed under 1″ The tabs to make tab-top Roman blinds should be folded in half. Stitch using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press the seam on the right-hand side. You can then sew the ends of each side together by securing them with a tack.

Start at the ends and pin the tabs to the top of your Roman tab-top shade. You can either machine sew or hand stitch the tabs to your Roman shade.

  • Each tab’s short end should be pressed under 1 inch
  • The tabs can be machine sewn or hand stitched to the Roman shade.

Dowels can be used to insert dowels in the Roman shade’s two hems. Pins can be used to mark the location of the cords. The shade should have cords placed 10 to 12 inches apart. To carry cords, attach small brass or plastic rings. Place rings at intervals of 8-12 inches along the Roman shade’s length. The topmost ring should be placed along the channel.

  • Put dowels at both ends of the Roman shade.
  • Place the ring at the end of the dowel channel.

Attach the drapery cord to each row’s bottom ring. Then thread the rings towards the top. Tie the cords to one end. Hang the Roman shade on the curtain rod by securing it to the pole.

For a simple and elegant look, choose a sheer fabric.

Lined Roman shades are best if you like a regular appearance on your exterior or require more light control.