How To Add Water To A Smart Car

In 1998, the first smart cars came out. There are both electric and gas-powered Smart cars in the line-up. The Smart car is made so that most routine maintenance, like adding water to the washer fluid, is easy for the owner to do. In the Smart car’s owner’s manual, there are steps and times for … Read more

How To Size A Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Hot water recirculation pumps can save water and energy. A return line from the farthest fixture is plumbed back to the water heater. The recirculation pump is installed in the return line near the water heater. When the pump is operating, hot water circulates continuously through the piping. Instead of waiting while cold water is … Read more

How To Build A Rill Water Garden

Even though your garden may not provide the slope necessary for a waterfall or the space needed for a pond, you can still enjoy a water garden.┬áRills, or narrow canals, wind through a back garden adding ambience and the pleasant sound of running water. Formal rills are made of concrete or masonry and typically employ … Read more

How To Refill A Hot Water Tank

Once you drain or flush your hot water tank, it needs to be refilled before you can turn the power and gas back on to the unit. Electric hot water tanks must have a full tank of water before powering the heating elements. This prevents the elements from overheating and burning out. Refilling a hot … Read more

How To Dye Water To Find Pond Leaks

Constantly low pond levels, as well as newly developed areas of mud near ponds, are sure indicators that there is a leak somewhere in the pond. Identifying the leak is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the leak is small. Dye tracers are tablets containing coloured pigment which dissolve when placed into water. … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Air In Water Pipes

Air in water pipes can lead to some odd sounds. If you are hearing prolonged vibrating or noises that you believe are coming from the water pipes, it may be air in your water pipes. Air in water pipes create noises that last for a while and are there when you haven’t used your water … Read more