How To Use Borner Slicer

The Borner company produces a line of manual slicing appliances for home kitchen use. The Borner slicer is versatile and allows you to cut foods into various patterns including basic slices, sticks and julienne by changing the removable blades included with the slicer.Position the slicer on a counter or cutting board with the v-shaped blade … Read more

How To Use Slate Around A Pond Border

Slate is an excellent choice for use around a pond border. Not only does this material weigh enough to remain in place, but its natural colouring blends well with the water as well as the surrounding vegetation. Choose large, heavy pieces of slate for use on the pond border to ensure that the rock does … Read more

How To Use Dart Flight Protectors

Use flight protectors to enhance and protect your dart flights. The game of darts can be played by anyone of any age. If you are serious about darting, you will need a flight protector to protect your wings from damage caused by regular dart practice. Buy flight protectors. You can purchase flight protectors at a … Read more

How To Use Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof paper is made from unbleached paper for use in the kitchen. It is especially useful when dealing with fatty foods like bacon and salami. While the grease in those foods might seep through normal parchment paper, it does not get through greaseproof paper. Greaseproof paper can be used in several different ways. Wrap foods … Read more

How To Use Jerome Russell Hair Bleach

It is risky to bleach your hair yourself without the help of a stylist. A bleaching kit such as the one provided by Jerome Russell can help make this process much easier. Even the most novice can lighten their hair with the help of detailed instructions and ready-to-use ingredients. This bleach can lighten your hair … Read more

Use A grandfather clause

A grandfather clause (also known grandfather rights) is a provision of a new law which allows an individual to do or possess something that was allowed by the old law, but that would be illegal under the new. For example, older buildings might be exempted from the new planning regulations. Newer regulations may allow individuals … Read more

How To Use Emulsion Paint

Emulsions are liquids that contain at least two different materials, such as oil and water. An emulsion paint is composed of pigments, synthetic particles, and water. The water evaporates after application and leaves the substrate covered with the synthetics (most often acrylic). They will form a solid layer as the synthetics dry. This prevents them … Read more