How To Adjust The Valves On My Triumph Spitfire

The Triumph Spitfire is a classic British sports car that requires regular tune ups and adjustments to maintain peak performance. Part of a comprehensive maintenance schedule includes routine valve adjustments every six months or 6,000 miles. A valve adjustment is a simple maintenance procedure well within the abilities of the average weekend mechanic. Spitfires are, … Read more

How To Adjust The Headlights In A Mr2

The Toyota MR2 offers three different ways to adjust the headlights: a knob behind the headlight that adjusts how far the headlight pops up, and two adjustment pins on the inner side of the headlight assembly that adjust the height and horizontal aim of the headlight. These calibrations are easy to reach and do not … Read more

How To Adjust The Temperature On A Hotpoint Fridge

Hotpoint fridges are available with many different options, such as pull-out glass shelves and door bins big enough to accommodate gallon jugs of milk. Other options include adjustable bins that allow for temperatures that are different than the rest of the fridge. Open the fridge door. Locate the temperature-control dial on the left side at … Read more

How To Adjust A Pendulum Clock Escapement

The addition of a pendulum to the mechanical clock improved its accuracy and allowed a more precise measurement of time. Pendulum clocks rely on another mechanical device, known as the escapement, to work properly. The torque or power that is developed within the clock gear train via springs or weights is released to the pendulum … Read more

How To Adjust The Headlights In A Ford Focus

Ford recommends you take your Ford Focus to an authorized service station any time you need to adjust the headlights. While a service station uses optical-beam setting equipment to level your headlights, you can make minor adjustments at home with the help of Torx tool head or an Allen wrench. Ford recommends you take your … Read more

How To Adjust A Natural Gas Regulator

Natural gas regulators may require adjustment as a result of changes in the system or incorrect adjustment by service personnel. In such cases, the pilot lights may go out, the appliance flames may be slow to ignite or not burn properly and the starting of one appliance may affect the operation of other appliances. Such … Read more

How To Adjust The Solex Carburetor Of A Land Rover

It is becoming difficult to find parts for a Solex carburettor. The most popular replacements that have abundant parts availability and are more versatile are the Zenith, Rochester and the Weber 1V carburettors. Replacing the Solex with any of these carburettors requires jetting to prevent engine damage due to a lean mixture. The Solex uses … Read more