How To Adjust The Headlights In A Mr2

The Toyota MR2 offers three different ways to adjust the headlights: a knob behind the headlight that adjusts how far the headlight pops up, and two adjustment pins on the inner side of the headlight assembly that adjust the height and horizontal aim of the headlight. These calibrations are easy to reach and do not require special tools to use. The main difficulty in aiming the headlights on an MR2 is correctly measuring the distances between the vehicle and the wall used to test the aim.Park your Toyota MR2 directly in front of a flat, vertical surface, such as a closed garage door.

Turn on the headlights so they pop up. Place a vertical and horizontal strip of tape in a cross shape on the wall directly opposite each headlight.

Measure 25 feet away from the wall with your tape measure and mark the spot with tape. Reverse your Toyota MR2 until the headlights line up with the tape on the ground.

Prop open the bonnet and peel off the black rubber covers on the inner side and the rear of the headlight. Doing this reveals a red knob and a set of adjustment pins.

Turn the red knob to adjust how high the headlight pops out of the cavity. Twist the side pins to aim the height and horizontal direction of the headlights. Stop when the beams cross 40 per cent and hit just inside and below the tape crosses you made on the wall.