How Do I Calculate My British Gas Bill

British Gas provides gas and electricity supplies to homes and businesses in the United Kingdom. The company calculates home gas supplies by reading a meter inside or just outside everyone’s house. British Gas provides detailed calculations on how they charge for gas supplies through various sources. With this information and a meter reading everyone should … Read more

How To Change A Gas Fireplace To Electric

Modern electric fireplaces display all the visual characteristics of a gas or wood burning hearth, including flames dancing over logs and the emission of faux smoke. However, in the UK, the operating cost of an electric fireplace is more than double that of a gas fireplace. Nevertheless, there is always a slight chance of leakage … Read more

How To Adjust A Natural Gas Regulator

Natural gas regulators may require adjustment as a result of changes in the system or incorrect adjustment by service personnel. In such cases, the pilot lights may go out, the appliance flames may be slow to ignite or not burn properly and the starting of one appliance may affect the operation of other appliances. Such … Read more