How To Reset My Hotpoint Ff187e Fridge

The Hotpoint FF187E refrigerator fits seamlessly into many kitchens. It is designed to fit flush with many shallow cabinets, yet it still provides about 9.2 cubic feet of cold storage space. If you did not buy an extended warranty, this Hotpoint model is only covered by a 12-month factory warranty and you’ll want to exhaust … Read more

How To Replace A Hotpoint Dishwasher Heating Element

Hotpoint dishwashers, which are manufactured by General Electric, have a heating element at the bottom of the machine. The heating element heats the water so that the dishes are sterilised as they are cleaned. Occasionally, the heating element will require replacement. Replacement heating elements can be purchased from GE, or from many appliance parts websites.Disconnect … Read more

How To Adjust The Temperature On A Hotpoint Fridge

Hotpoint fridges are available with many different options, such as pull-out glass shelves and door bins big enough to accommodate gallon jugs of milk. Other options include adjustable bins that allow for temperatures that are different than the rest of the fridge. Open the fridge door. Locate the temperature-control dial on the left side at … Read more