How To Clean A Stihl Carburetor

Stihl uses an all-position diaphragm carburettor on most of its engines. These carburettors have intake and outtake valves, which direct the flow of fuel through the mixing chamber. When these valves, and the filters inside them, get blocked with dirt or dried gas, you will experience hard or erratic starts, surging engines, slow acceleration and … Read more

How To Adjust The Solex Carburetor Of A Land Rover

It is becoming difficult to find parts for a Solex carburettor. The most popular replacements that have abundant parts availability and are more versatile are the Zenith, Rochester and the Weber 1V carburettors. Replacing the Solex with any of these carburettors requires jetting to prevent engine damage due to a lean mixture. The Solex uses … Read more