How To Tell The Age Of Beswick Figurines

Family-owned Beswick Pottery was established in 1894 by James Beswick at Loughton, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Through three generations, the company gained popularity with its collections of ceramic animal figurines. Most famously, Beswick produced the beloved characters from the books of Beatrix Potter, including Peter Rabbit. Due to their popularity and interest to collectors, there are a … Read more

How To Repair Doc Martens

Doc Martens is a shoe company with a reputation built on quality. The product is reputed to be durable. The Doc Marten philosophy states quality cannot come from cheap material, so the company’s shoes and boots are made from high end materials. Doc Martens are priced higher than other footwear, backed by a company guarantee … Read more

How To Replace A Yaris Hatchback Grill

The Toyota Yaris hatchback has two grilles mounted on the front-end cover: a lower grille and an upper grille. The upper grille is the one with the Toyota emblem on it, while the lower grille protects the radiator. The process of removing and replacing either grille is straightforward, as both are attached to the front-end … Read more

How To Fix A Wittner Classic Metronome

The most popular metronome features a weighted metal pendulum that swings back and forth, creating a tick-tock sound for a musician to follow. The weight can be moved up or down to adjust the tempo of the swinging pendulum, depending on the beats per minute (BPM) of the musical piece in question. The Wittner classic … Read more

Plaster Fireplace Mantle Repair

Plaster fireplace mantles, also written as mantels, are moulded, decorative accents to your fireplace. Plaster fireplace mantles are joined to wood blocking or a wood frame, often with wire mesh as a support, and screwed through plasterboard and into the wall studs. Over time, the plaster of a decorative plaster mantel can chip or crack … Read more

How To Adjust A Pendulum Clock Escapement

The addition of a pendulum to the mechanical clock improved its accuracy and allowed a more precise measurement of time. Pendulum clocks rely on another mechanical device, known as the escapement, to work properly. The torque or power that is developed within the clock gear train via springs or weights is released to the pendulum … Read more

How To Replace Rear Brake Pads On A Kia

The rear brake pads on a Kia are key components of the braking system. The brake pads are responsible for squeezing against the metal disc rotors during braking. The friction between the pads and the rotors during the braking process causes wear. Worn Kia brake pads will expose the brake pad wear indicators. The indicators, … Read more

What Height Is A Lamp Post At

Lamp posts are common in modern urban areas. They come in many styles, heights, and shapes. Lamp posts come in many different styles and heights. It is important that street lighting be sufficiently tall to help pedestrians and vehicles. 1 Lamp Post Height Lamp posts may be anywhere from 6 to 40 feet high. Street … Read more

How To Replace Raymond Weil Watch Battery

Replacing a Raymond Weil watch battery should be performed by an authorised Raymond Weil dealer. Replacing the battery on contemporary Raymond Weils takes some skill because the case is pressurised on some models or contains a rubber gasket to keep it watertight. If you determine your Raymond Weil watch has a pressurised case back, don’t … Read more

How To Straighten A Warped Piece Of Wood

Warped boards and panels are considered by many do-it-yourselfers and even experienced carpenters to be useless. While the process of restoring these pieces of wood isn’t something that everyone has time for, you shouldn’t consider a warped board to be a lost cause. In fact, all you really have to do is wait for the … Read more