How To Kill Leyland Cypress With Salt Water

Salt can kill vegetation. Salt can be used to remove a problematic leyland cypress. Salt water is a great way to avoid chemicals. However, be cautious about how salt is applied. You can endanger nearby plants by using it. While salt water may kill the tree, you can water the soil around the trunk using salt water. However, the grass surrounding the tree will die and it will keep the ground moist for some time, stopping any new growth.

  • Salt can kill vegetation and other plant life.
  • Salt water can kill the tree by watering it with salt water. However, the water may also kill surrounding grass. It will remain in the ground for a while, stopping any new growth.

You can drill several holes around the tree’s base using a long drill bit. Make sure you are facing the downwards with your drill bit.

Make a mixture of two parts water and one part salt.

Then, pour the salt water into each hole.

Fill the gaps with mud. Within a few weeks the tree should be dead.

If you prefer, you can plug the holes with sand or mud. If you have any remaining issues with your soil, Gypsum can be used to help it heal.

Make sure the tree dies. You can’t reverse this process once you have poured in salt. When carrying salt water to the tree, make sure that salt water doesn’t get everywhere.