How Much To Charge For Venetian Plaster Jobs

Venetian plaster can be seen as an inferior finish that is frequently underbid by novice painters. Venetian plaster can be very labor intensive and expensive. You may be tempted to make Venetian plasterwork your main business, but you have also had bad experiences undercharging.


Square Footage

Venetian plaster can be charged by the square foot, which is the easiest way to do so. To calculate the area of Venetian plaster, measure the wall vertically and horizontally.

Contractors often subtract the openings like doors and windows from their charges when charging per square foot. These areas must be covered and edged. Depending on where you are located, your technique, and your level of experience, the average cost per square foot will be between PS5 and PS11.

  • Venetian plaster pricing is simple.
  • Contractors often subtract the openings from their square-footage charges, like doors or windows.


Hourly Rates

Contractors may prefer to be paid by the hour. You can estimate the amount of work required and multiply it by the hourly fee you are willing to pay. Although hourly rates can vary depending on location and expertise, PS16-19 is an excellent guideline for beginning workers.

To be able estimate the time it will take, you need enough experience. Beginners in large jobs should not be charged by the hour.

  • Some contractors would rather charge per hour.
  • It is important to have sufficient experience in order to be able to predict the duration of your job.


Daily rates

Venetian plaster is often sold by contractors at daily rates. You will need to travel, set up, and clean up even if your visit is only for a few hours. It is important to complete the work quickly and accurately.

You have room for error with a daily rate because you can always stay late to catch up. The average daily rate varies, but for beginners it is approximately PS130.

  • Venetian plaster can be purchased by many contractors for daily charges.
  • You have the option to stay longer and catch up at a lower daily rate.


Extra Charges

Pricing a Venetian plaster job should not be based on the price alone. Common practice is to charge extra for ladder or scaffolding-related work. Additional fees may be charged for complicated features and curved walls.

  • No matter how you price basic Venetian plaster work, additional work should always be priced separately.
  • Common practice is to charge extra for ladder or scaffolding-related work.

Three layers of base cost usually cover the three-layers: a plaster’s finish, middle and base coat. Add-on layers like wax or clear sealant and techniques such as burningishing are additional costs. Preparing and priming walls are typically charged separately.


Be aware of the following special considerations

Only you can determine your individual situation. Is your life a constant struggle? Are you able to afford the materials that are needed? Are you able to do the job? Do you think the customer would be an excellent reference? Prices for artists are not set in stone as every situation is unique. It is important to set base rates that you are comfortable with, and then adjust these depending on each job’s circumstances.

  • Only you can determine your individual situation.
  • Is the customer a good reference?