How To Make A Roman Theatre Mask

The theater was a big part of the fun in ancient Rome. Romans always wore masks in these plays. Most of the time, the masks were bigger than real life, but this made it easier for people to see the faces from far away. Different masks had different expressions on the faces. Even though all of the roles were played by men, the audience could tell if a character was a man or a woman by whether the mask was white or brown. You can also make masks that look like they came from Rome, whether you want to use them in a play or just as decorations.

  1. Start with the basic mask and decide if you want to make a man or a woman’s mask. If you want to make a man, paint the whole face of the mask brown. If you want to make a woman, leave the white base.
  2. Put your expressions on the masks with paint. Make the usual happy, sad, and angry faces that Roman actors liked to use. If you need to, you can paint the expressions on the masks in different layers.
  3. So that the different colors of paint don’t mix, let each layer of paint dry before adding the next. Use a lot of bright colors of paint, since this is how Roman theater masks looked.
  4. Use feathers and fake hair to decorate the masks. Use a hot glue gun to stick these on the masks. First, put the decorations on the mask to make sure they are in the right place and that you like how it will look in the end.
  5. Let the glue dry all the way before you move the mask. Make sure to get rid of any strings that the hot glue left behind.
  6. One hole on each side of the mask is where the elastic string will go. Use the awl to make the holes in a gentle way.
  7. Take the measurement all the way around your head and divide it in half to get the size you need to cut the elastic string.
  8. Put the ends of the string through each hole. Tie the ends together to keep them from coming loose.

This is a great thing to do with your kids on a rainy day. They can make different masks and then put on a play for family and friends. If you can’t get the holes in the mask to work, put the side of the mask on a cutting board so you don’t damage your work surface and try again.