How To Tie A Captally

A cap tally, or a ribbon that is tied around the cap band of a sailboat’s cap, can be described as a cap. Cap tallies come in black, and are often adorned with gold or yellow lettering. These tallies often have lettering in yellow or gold that spells the name of the vessel, fleet, navy, or other maritime establishment where the sailor is assigned. Cap tallies can be used by all navies, but the way they are tied is different. Tieing a cap tally in a neat bow is probably the best method.

  • Cap tally refers to a band tied around the cap of a sailboat’s cap.
  • A cap tie is tied in a bow. This is the most popular method.

Place the tally on the circumference of your cap so it is positioned against your head.

Pass one end of the ribbon through the seam of the cap and tie it with your thumb. You will get two tails from the underhand knot. One is an upper, and one is a lower.

To form a bight, make a small loop by tying the tail of the top over the knot.

The lower tail should be passed under the knot to the outside. This creates a second, inside-facing bight.

The knot can be tightened by pulling the tails from the tally. Make a bow by cutting the tails.