How To Measure Coving

Coving is a plaster strip installed in homes to add decoration around ceiling corners. Because the plaster is typically durable, it’s also possible to install coving on a home’s exterior. To ensure a proper fit for the coving, you will need to take measurements of all areas where you plan to install the trim. A … Read more

How To Measure Scooter Roller Weight

A typical scooter uses a drive component called a variator. Instead of a geared transmission, variators use a single sliding, cone-shaped plate called an angle plate. As the RPMs increase, the angle plate slides outward and changes the size (and therefore the ratio) of the drive pulley. Roller weights affect the sliding action of the … Read more

How To Measure Wood Screws

If you want to buy wood screws to match the ones you have, you’ll need to know the gauge and length. You can calculate both by measuring the screws, though you’ll need to use a chart to convert centimetres to gauge. When you need to drill pilot holes for the screws, you can measure the … Read more

How To Measure Length Of Horse Cart Shaft

A horse-drawn carriage or buggy is equipped with shafts. They connect to the harness and the horse, and are the driving mechanism. Engel’s Coach Shop owner Dave Engel states that horses must be able to pull the weight of the car from the swingletree attached to the shaft. Horse carts, two-wheeled vehicles that are balanced … Read more