How To Measure Coving

Coving is a plaster strip installed in homes to add decoration around ceiling corners. Because the plaster is typically durable, it’s also possible to install coving on a home’s exterior. To ensure a proper fit for the coving, you will need to take measurements of all areas where you plan to install the trim. A sometimes difficult part of the process is measuring angles, including the inward and outward corners of the walls.

Draw a sketch of the room where you will install coving. Leave enough space on the diagram to add measurement figures.

Measure the length in between all corners of the room with a tape measure. Write down each measurement on the corresponding wall in your diagram.

Place a 360-degree adjustable protractor against each corner, both inside and outside.

Move each side of the protractor until each lay flush on opposite walls in the corner. Write down the degree measurement on your diagram.