How To Derestrict An Electric Scooter

Before you derestrict your electric scooter, you should know that this modification will void the warranty. Derestricting your scooter is a two-part process. The first part involves disabling the capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) unit. The CDI unit electronically restricts the engine from reaching full power. You must remove a wire that sends information about the … Read more

How To Measure Scooter Roller Weight

A typical scooter uses a drive component called a variator. Instead of a geared transmission, variators use a single sliding, cone-shaped plate called an angle plate. As the RPMs increase, the angle plate slides outward and changes the size (and therefore the ratio) of the drive pulley. Roller weights affect the sliding action of the … Read more

How To Drive A Vespa Scooter

Enrico Piaggio created a comfortable motorcycle that was easy-to change tires and is not slippery. This design came shortly after the close of the second World War. Piaggio gave the scooter its name Vespa as it looked similar to a wasp. That is why “vespaā€¯ in English. It doesn’t matter if you are renting it … Read more